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20% Down Payment Assistance with Shared Appreciation Loan from CalHFA


The registration window for this program closed on April 29th at 5PM PST. 

Program Highlights:

  • Borrower receives 20% or $150,000 (whichever is less) in down payment assistance from CalHFA

  • Assistance can be used for down payment and/or closing costs:

    • Example 1: 20% for down payment, no assistance for closing costs

    • Example 2: 17% for down payment + 3% for closing costs = 20% in total assistance​

  • 1:1 growth in equity share with CalHFA applies on the property

    • Example 1: 20% in assistance received = 20% equity share

    • Example 2: 10% in assistance received = 10% equity share

  • Assistance funds must be repaid in the future when the home is sold, refinanced, or at the end of your 30-year loan term

    • There is a one-time exception to refinance without triggering repayment​

  • Maximum additional down payment contribution from the borrower is 5%

  • Interest rates for the program are set by CalHFA and change daily (rates for the DFA will not be published until the program is available)

  • 2-1, 1-1, and 1-0 temporary rate buydowns are permitted



  • Borrower(s) must be a first-time homebuyer (not owned a home in the past 3 years)​

  • At least one applicant must be a California resident

  • At least one borrower must be a First-Generational Homebuyer

    • Cannot have owned or been on title on a home in the past 7 years​

    • To the best of the homebuyer's knowledge whose parents do not have ownership interest in a home in the United States

  • Borrower(s) gross income must be below the limit for the county the home is purchased in: 2024 CalHFA Dream for All Income Limits

  • Maximum DTI (debt-to-income ratio) is 45-50% 

  • Minimum credit score of 660-680​

  • Conventional only (no FHA options)

Example Loan Scenarios:

Shared Appreciation Example.png

Informational Video:

Want to see if you qualify?

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