Refinance Process

Ready To Refinance?

The loan refinance process is very straightforward. We will get you there.

Refinancing your mortgage means paying off your existing mortgage with a new loan. The refinance process is similar to when you first got financing for your home, and many of the costs will be the same.

Consult and apply for a refinance loan

Our American Pacific Mortgage advisors will help you determine what you want to accomplish with your refinance, and let you compare loan programs side by side. Once you have selected the program that best suits your needs, you will apply for a new mortgage loan.

Documents to provide for a refinance loan

When you apply for a refinance, you will provide personal information to the lender verifying your personal assets and debt. To expedite the process, you will want to start gathering the following items for all borrowers on the loan:

  • Income Statements: W2’s from the last two years, or signed copies of the last two year’s tax returns if self-employed. Self-employed borrowers should also bring profit/ loss statements or balance sheets for the current year
  • Asset Information: Most recent bank statements, most recent 401ks, IRAs, mutual funds and securities account statements
  • Current Mortgage Information: Contact information for the original lender, a copy of your current payment coupon, and the outstanding mortgage balance on the existing loan
  • Homeowner’s Insurance: The name of your Homeowner’s insurance company and their contact information